This is how the world ends...

The theme for this week's 52Frames challenge was "Fire" and I spent the first four days of the week letting a few different ideas percolate. A disturbing number of them had an uncomfortably high probability of burning down my apartment so I was a little worried.

In the end, however, I scavenged a sheet of clear plastic sheeting from a broken poster frame and spray-painted a piece of cardboard black to serve as a dark backing behind the plastic. Using a black T-Shirt as a backdrop, I went through four or five flowers before the heat started to warp and blister the plastic around the stem of the flower.

By the time the flames managed to trash the plastic sheeting I had more or less found an exposure balance I was happy with. I had also worked out a method for quickly dousing the flames if they got too big. The scene was set up in an outdoor screen porch, but I still had to keep a water bottle handy. I originally planner to use Kerosene as my accelerant because I wanted something that would burn at a low temperature but the smallest container of Kero that I could buy at my local hardware store was 1 Gallon. I ended up using paint thinner which made for some good-looking flames but the alcohol seemed to evaporate off pretty quickly and required some quick handwork in order to light the liquid before the fumes blew away. There's a dark part of me that would love to try this same kind of set-up again with Lego figures.

In the end it was a fun experiment and I walked away with my beard intact so I'll call this one a win.