Central Parking

As of this month, I've made the transition out of Israel and into our year of living on the move. Whilst my wife is doing rotations at different hospitals during her fourth year of medical school, we'll be on the move for much of the coming twelve months. We're currently living in New York City and I'm also taking time to reflect upon my creative work thus far and refocus both my own practice of photography and videography and the web infrastructure that supports it. I will be trying out a handful of new concepts over the next few months and I hope to share a great deal of this process of exploration here. One of the benefits of living on 123rd Street in Harlem is quick access to Central Park. I'm still getting my bearings after moving here a week ago but I've found that doing a lot of walking with my camera helps me to connect with my new temporary home. Having lived in the desert for the last three years, the simple beauty of grass, green leaves and chipmunks still feels exotic.

So from today's forway into the Elm forests of The Park, I give you Sparky. It took me a while before he and his little friends let me get this close, but he's a cute one.