Wasting Time (Without Delay)

This has been a busy few months and it's at times like this that I like to fall back on the parts of this job that are pure fun, pure creativity. I recently spent a week at a training course studying Gender Issues in Akko, Israel. It was both a personally and professionally satisfying experience and I also threw my Ukelele in my bag just in case. This decision was particularly useful on the last evening of the program when, after spending an evening in Haifa, my band of European friends and I missed the train back to Akko. As the clock rolled passed midnight we sat down to wait an hour and a half in the empty train terminal for the next ride north. The beat up old ukelele provided a bleary, exhausted sound track for the conscious among us to reflect on the event and what we had learned. This song was requested several times during the week so I thought I'd share it here. Enjoy.