Live the Moment

It's "New Video" time again!

This most recent contribution to the multimedia tapestry of our universe is another video competition submission. This particular competition, hosted by BlackRapid, maker of all manner of badass camera straps, was entitled "Live the Moment." With a thematic focus on timelapse/slow motion photography, the competition called for videos expressing the idea of living with immediacy. The not-so-technically-inclined can scroll down to the bottom to see the final result, otherwise the techno-babble will proceed henceforth.

The theme of my video is the resilience and Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 1.47.02 PMpatience of the plants and animals living in the desert.  On the creative end of things, it was all really an excuse to get out into the desert and spend a day filming in the hot Beer Sheva sun; something I have missed during the wet winter months. There were two locations use for the shoot: an empty field full of dirt mounds that I used for the Vibram Fivefingers commercial last year and my yard. The empty field is full of wildflowers this time of year so it was actually difficult finding spots that looked like desert. What I was able to set up in my yard, however was a raised wooden platform covered in dry dirt that I could sculpt and shape as needed and film from all manner of obscure angles. The result was that after about two dozen shots utilizing several artificial pools and a handful of different techniques for simulating water drops, I had three usable clips of water drops falling into the pools and creating cool-looking splashes. I did learn a few useful things.

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 1.53.32 PM (2)Lesson #1: Bugs are easier to work with than actors. They don't complain about putting a camera in their face and you don't have to get them to sign a release form.

Lesson #2: Gravity moves things very fast and even though 60fps is quick, trying to combine both macro and slow motion is a fool's errand.

Lesson #3: If you are depending on the sun to light your subject, make sure you don't block the sun when you are creating action in the scene. You will save yourself countless self-inflicted punches in the face when you review your otherwise great shots at the end of the day.

Lesson #4: A waterproof camera is also mudproof and dirtproof. If you can stick the camera right down in the mud, you're shots can't help but look awesome.

So with only a minimum of further ado, I present "Life Only Takes a Moment," featuring Clive the Beetle, Jeff the Ant and Cornelius the Spider. Enjoy.