There's Color Everywhere

This week has been a big week on the content generation front. Between filming a Krav Maga instructor test, a weekend trip to the wildflower fields near Ofakim and the first day of filming for Columbia University's "Day in the Life of a Medical Student" project, I've dropped in excess of 50 GB of video onto my my Satellite Drive (the name I gave to my 4TB external hard disk). Real Med Students of Beer Sheva-35As a side note, it is an incredible luxury to be able to shoot at 24MB/s full HD and not have to worry for a second about running out of drive space. Seriously sweet.

In any case, there's been a lot of filming going on and even though most of the projects on my plate are relatively long-term in nature, I was able to write and record a new song. You can listen to it by clicking on the icon below.

Stay Here Forever (Demo)

The song was created as a background track to a movie I'm making about wildflowers in the Negev desert region of Israel. I had a chance encounter with an Israeli television director/producer recently and he encouraged me to take advantage of the unique subject matter available in my current domicile of the Negev. The aforementioned trip to the wildflower fields inspired this exploration of the wild plants growing both in urban and rural parts of this region. I'm not sure what the end goal is in this case, but it has already taken me to some unique places and helped me see my world through a slightly Rahat Film Crewdifferent lens as I go about my daily life. I met a fun group of kids earlier today when I was filming in Rahat who were initially confused as to why I seemed fascinated with a little purple flower growing out of the sidewalk. This was of course a secondary source of amusement once the initial surprise of seeing an American in the predominantly Bedouin city of Rahat had worn off. In the end, their smattering of English and my flailing Hebrew and Arabic managed to prevail and I ultimately got them to point me in the direction of more flowers to film. Seeking out  unexpected blossoms and blooms has been a stimulating process and I look forward to sharing the final products here. Once you start searching, you will find that even in the most desolate corners of your world, there is life just fighting to emerge.