No Regrets

One of the activities of a freelance videographer that serves to stretch both creativity and resourcefulness is taking part in video competitions. Like the Vibram Fivefinger Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 4.22.21 PMcompetition I wrote about in September, I recently participated in a rather strange competition through The assignment was to make a motivational video of sorts for a "mystery client." The creative brief ensured participants that the client requesting the submissions was not only real but very high profile. Initially, I was unsure of whether it was more likely that the company was something like a sketchy oil company that no one would want to work for or just a big company who wanted the video competition to remain low profile and organic. Whoever they are, the client asked for a video that encourages the viewer to live life with no regrets. To be used for internal use within the company and coming with a 90 second time limit, I had my work cut out for me. In the end, I parsed together elements of my own story living and working around the world. It was my first opportunity to use my new XA10 camcorder in a project and it gave me a chance to get familiar with its more quirky features. The footage I shot was in a very low-light setting and the XA10 did a marvelous job, especially compared to the resolution and noise levels in the parallel footage shot with the older Vixia M41.

I was also very happy to be able to use clips I've filmed around the word over the last few years that have been taking up my drive space. I use footage shot in Denver, Costa Rica, London, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Italy and Israel. So if nothing else the project validating my decision to keep the full HD versions of those shots sitting around. I also got to field test my new Pentax WG2Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 4.11.26 PM camera that I initially purchased for it's waterproofness but was pyched to find out later had the ability to shoot 60 progressive frames per second. I took a series of shots in the desert outside Beer Sheva that I was able to slow down to 45 percent having to change a single frame in this 24p project. All the monochromatic shots were filmed with the Pentax so check them out.

In any case, I just finished submitting the video online and you can see the final product by clicking on the image below:

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 4.20.59 PM