Behind the Scenes - Negev Style

As a fun follow-up to the "Gangnam Style" Remix Music Video, a little Behind-the-Scenes treat. This time-lapse video spans from 11:26pm to 4:08am, during which time I edited and mixed the "Negev Style" track and cut together the music video with the scenes we had filmed over the last three days. As a point of note, in the particular project I used Adobe Audition CS6 for the audio and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Normally I use Pro Tools for my audio but an upgrade kerfuffle left me sans-ProTools that night so I figured I'd roll the dice and see how Audition could handle multi-tracking. The experience was actually quite good. The built-in plugins in Audition (and the former iteration known as SoundBooth) have always been superior to the bundles packs in ProTools, but I found myself missing many of the intuitive interface feature of Digidesign. Zooming in and out to extremes in both directions was a pain in the ass with Audition. Most critically, I have not yet found a way to directly link Reason into Audition the way ReWire allows in ProTools. There's no substitution for a real-time MIDI editor so I have a hard time imagining myself making the switch for the majority of my audio work. Gotta say, though, the Reverb and especially the Compression and Mastering plugins are rather sweet in Adobe. Sweet indeed.

In any case, enjoy four and a half hours compressed into four minutes. [youtube]